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Norbert Stummerer in MAN Proto 6x6x6

A really special experience. Gradients of up to 100% and movements that are almost unimaginable.


The vehicle itself is a hand-crafted prototype. A narrowed, converted chassis forms the supporting structure for 3 axles that are steered independently of each other. In the centre of the vehicle is a 500 HP MAN six-cylinder engine that initially transmits the power to the front via an 8-gear gearbox. Under the sophisticated engine cover is an angle gear with an additional option for further reducing the gears, then - towards the front - comes the centre gearbox. Here, power is distributed to the front and rear. The drive can be engaged separately for each axle. The wheels are steered separately from each other and fully hydraulically, and a steering brake ensures unbelievably narrow turning circles. With the activated differential locks, we can overcome practically any obstacle.