Karl Klein Ventilatorenbau GmbH - Industrieventilatoren

Training at Karl Klein

As a medium-sized family company, Karl Klein relies partly upon young, qualified talents from within the company itself. For this reason, this year we are offering study places for potential industrial managers and industrial mechanics as well as dual study places in the field of mechanical engineering. To ensure successful training, the company has been working for many years with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stuttgart Region (IHK Stuttgart), the vocational colleges in Esslingen, various training academies, and the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW).

During training, trainees pass through all of the important areas in the company, thus funding out about our products as well as our business processes and structures. Competent, open instructors ensure a smooth training process and provide trainees with help and advice. 

As well as providing trainees with traditional training content, our training process aims to promote values such as team work, respect, and the correct way to deal with suppliers, customers, and colleagues.

We're always looking for motivated and dedicated trainees, and we'd be delighted to receive your application.