Karl Klein Ventilatorenbau GmbH - Industrieventilatoren

  • Automotive industry

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …are predominantly used for the testing of engines and cars in various areas and in the most difficult of conditions. They prove their great reliability on an everyday basis.

  • Rail industry

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …are used in the most diverse of locomotives and train carriages in order to provide climate control for operator's platforms and to cool drive motors and other components. Our fans are used in extremely varied climate zones.

  • Shipbuilding

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …meet the high requirements of the shipping industry and are used as smoke extraction fans or for the ventilation of cabins and workspaces in a broad range of ships.

  • Wind power

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …ensure that in the case of cold outside temperatures, large clumps of ice do not break loose from the rotor blades, creating dangerous situations. The warm air blown into the rotor blades by our fans reliably prevents ice formation.

  • Suction technology

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    … and fan wheels from our affiliate Kamptmann are used in small and large suction plants for the extraction of welding fumes, dust, and gases etc.

  • Industrial ovens

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …provide the correct circulation of supply air, exhaust air, and internal air in baker's ovens, smoke houses, and heating plants. Temperature barriers and temperature-resistant materials ensure that our fans work sustainably at temperatures of up to 650°C.

  • External cooling

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …cool large electric motors. They blow fresh air into the motor housing to dissipate the heat that arises on the bearings and windings.

  • Print industry

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …are used in various ways in the print industry. For example, they are used when printing newspapers, magazines, and plastic containers (such as margarine tubs and shampoo bottles etc.).

  • Plastics processing

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …are also valued in the plastics processing sector. For example, they cool down large deep-drawn plastic parts during the production of semi-finished plastics (profile rods, films etc.).

  • Mill building

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …transport grain and flour in large mills and extract the resulting dusts. In addition, the heated air is transported to production halls and offices using our fans, in order to heat these spaces.

  • Drinks industry

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …are used extremely diversely in the drinks industry. This starts with the production of glass or PET bottles and includes cleaning bottles and filling them with drinks.

  • Roasting plants

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …are used reliably during the roasting of foodstuffs and luxury goods such as coffee beans. They transport the roasted goods and ensure the right supply and exhaust air in the plants.

  • Glass industry

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …are used in the production of raw glass and the processing and transport of sheet glass. Our fans operate air cushion tables that can be used to transport sheet glass practically without friction.

  • Biogas plants

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …are used in the biogas industry mainly to ensure the necessary supply air for the decomposition process (composting) and to keep the associated supporting air systems stable.

  • Cleaning plants

    Fans from Karl Klein…
    …ensure that the hot and damp steam that forms during the washing of equipment cannot escape. Instead, this is sucked upwards into an airlock by our fans.

  • Aircraft maintenance at Lufthansa

    In hangars, the use of explosion-proof section technology is required during sensitive maintenance work with high technical safety requirements such as when filling or draining liquids. Here, our partners place their trust in our mobile suction range.

  • You'll get a taste for our technology!

    Air circulation in baker's ovens requires the intelligent use of fan technology that can withstand high air humidity and high temperatures of up to 650°. As a specialist supplier for baker's ovens, we have custom solutions at the ready.

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Karl Klein. The specialist when it comes to tricky solutions.

Radial fans from Karl Klein are characterised by their precision, innovation, and resilience. Our devices are used in the most diverse of areas: From construction machines to switch cabinets, drying, filter, and smoking plants, bakery equipment, laboratory technology, ship building, and much more. 

Thanks to top workmanship and optimised design, our company is successful not only in series production but also as a global contact partner for the development of special solutions. Karl Klein faces exceptional challenges with innovative technology and decades of experience.