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Karl Klein buys the division of hot gas circulators from Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH in Moringen

Effective June 1, 2023 Karl Klein buys the division of hot gas circulators from Piller. Already in in the year 2012 Karl Klein took the division of APOVENT and APOGUSS from Piller and guided it to new success. Due to the constructive and trustfull cooperation during the acquisition and the positive customer feedback during the developing business, Piller decided to accept the tender from Karl Klein again.

Since many years Karl Klein offers hot-air-circulation-blowers up to 650°C for manufacturers of industrial ovens, rotary kilns, conveyor furnaces, bakery ovens, drying chambers, etc.

The portfolio of Piller blowers is completing our product range up to temperatures of 1.200°C.

From April 17th, 2023 please send your request to Karl Klein and you´ll be provided with documents and offers from your new supplier for hot gas circulators Karl Klein.

Your contact persons at Karl Klein

For commercial questions: Hans-Albert Schur, head of sales, e-mail:  hans-albert.schur@karl-klein.de

For technical questions: Dominik Eisenmann, project manager hot gas circulators, e-mail: dominik.eisenmann@karl-klein.de